Lughnasadh Ritual Summary

Lughnasadh Ritual
August 6th, 2017
Deities of the Occasion: Lugh and Ana
Offerings: wine / “Balor’s eye”
Omen: Dagaz / Eihwaz / Sowilo
Return flow:  sparkling fruit juice
Attendees: 7


August continues to be our low turnout month, with folks having festival and other commitments.  A pity, as the weather was good and the ritual went well!  We did our usual toast to Lugh and Ana, along with the stabbing of “Balor’s Eye” by the two people who didn’t know what would happen when the balloon exploded.  (No spoilers!)

My thanks once again to Fox and Marisol for providing a ritual space for us to celebrate the sun and a tent undfer which we could hide from it.  >8)