Imbolc Ritual Summary

Imbolc Ritual
January 29th, 2017
Deity of the Occasion: Bríd
Offerings: yarn / storytelling
Omen: Dagaz / Eiwaz / Gebo
Return flow: bread
Attendees: 10


Another lovely Imbolc rite in the basement of the Friends Meeting, our usual site for winter rituals.  Folks were still cleaning up after their post-service meal, but it was clear enough for Rodney and the other early arrivals to have everything set up by 2:15.

We repeated last year’s offering of taking turns telling a story while tying pieces of yarn together, combining both a bardic and a weaving activity.  The omen was good, and we shared Gen’s pull-apart bread as the return.

One departure from the usual is that a few of our members couldn’t attend because they were taking part in protest rallies.  Something tells me that will be a common occurrence for the near future.