Ritual Summaries: Fall Equinox, Samhain, and Yule

Fall Equinox Ritual
September 25th, 2016
Deity of the Occasion: Ana
Offerings: decorated apples
Omen: Fehu / Jera / Hagalaz
Return flow: cider
Attendees: 5

Samhain Afternoon Ritual
November 5th, 2016
Deities of the Occasion: Lugh and Ana
Offerings: decorated skull cookies
Omen: Raidho / Dagaz / Mannaz
Return flow: rune candy
Attendees: 7

Samhain Afternoon Ritual
November 5th, 2016
Deity/Kindred of the Occasion: Manannan and the Ancestors
Offerings: oil
Omen: Ehwaz / Wunjo / Thurisaz
Return flow: bread
Attendees: 18

Yule Ritual
December 18th, 2016
Deities of the Occasion: Bel and Danu
Offerings: decorated tree
Omen: Dagaz / Othala / Jera
Return flow: ornaments
Attendees: 10

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to do proper write-ups for these, but other projects devoured my time.  My thanks to Jan for letting us hold our outdoor rituals at her farm after we were forced to leave Cavallo, and my continuing thanks to the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting for letting us use their space for our indoor winter rites.