Spring Equinox Ritual Summary

Spring Equinox Ritual
March 20th, 2016
Deity of the Occasion: Ana
Offerings: eggs
Omen: Eta – Psi – Lambda
Return flow: water / blessing of the seeds and tools
Attendees: 14


My ride service got me there later than I’d hoped for, but Rod and Virginia had already started setting up, so we were ready in time.  Many new people were there, about half of the total, so we did run through all of the songs before the rite, which felt like it took forever and now I remember why I don’t like us doing that.  (Worth noting: Even though we went over the seed blessing song before the ritual, I forgot to use it during the rite, and no one seemed to notice.  Given how difficult it is to sing and how it doesn’t IMO mesh with the calling for blessings portion of the rite, I think it’s time to retire it from circulation.)

We had our usual egg hunt, for which I brought 18 colored eggs, Rodney brought 24 colored eggs, and Gen brought nine colored eggs – and they were *all* hidden outside for us to find.  We should not have done that.  We shouldn’t have put more than twenty out.  Anything beyond that should have been potluck food.  A bowl of fifty eggs is heavy and unwieldy (just ask Cool Hand Luke) and difficult for our attendees to pass around the circle.  I don’t mind people bringing spare stuff for offerings, but the flow of the ritual should be a priority.

Once the basket of eggs was passed around for the individual praise, I told the story of Ana, then we offered the eggs as the main sacrifice.  Rod had to use my Greek Alphabet Oracle app for the omen because he’d forgotten his runes, but even though he’s unfamiliar with the system, I think he did well with it.  The return flow was water (this is the only rite in our year wheel where we actually do the traditional ADF Waters of Life thing) followed by blessings for our seeds and various tools.

After that was a fairly active potluck (the new folks had plenty of questions), and cleanup went smoothly.  Since wheeling myself around a tiled floor is way easier than wheeling myself around the dirt of the nemeton, this was my last chance to actually be useful for that.

All in all, other than the excess of eggs, a very good ritual and a great way to honor our river mother

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF