Samhain Rituals Summary

Samhain Rituals
November 7th, 2015
Deity/Kindred of the Occasion: Lugh and Ana / Manannan and the Ancestors
Offerings: bird seed / oil
Omen: Uruz – Jera -Ehwaz / Dagaz – Jera – Iaguz
Return flow: apple slices / candles
Attendees: 10 / 16


We actually had some folks at Fire Watch, unusual for this year, but I figured Samhain would be the one that people would actually attend. After lighting the fire, we had our usual officer initiation for the new year, and then I led a brief Khalkeia rite to honor Hephaistos and Athena.

Saturday afternoon, we had a good turnout for the afternoon rite, our first one that we ran as a full rite and not a stripped-down “family friendly” rite, and it went well. We celebrated the reunion of Lugh and Ana at the beginning of the dark half of the year, and made seed-on-peanut-butter-on-cardboard-roll bird feeders t decorate the nemeton.

In between rituals, Gen led a session of decorating skull cookies, then led the decorating of the nemeton for the evening rite. No luminaria or tiki torches this time, but there were plenty of candles to go around.

For the evening rite, we called to Manannan and the Ancestors, honoring our own personal Ancestors and sharing the flame of inspira6tion deep within the darkness of the woods. And burned lots of things in the fire, because it was dark and cold, though not as cold as usual for a Samhain around here.

After the main rite, we set up a plate of food for the Ancestors (and I’m very happy that people actually joined in this time), the socialized, and somehow managed to clean up the site in the dark without losing anything (that we’ve noticed yet).

And with the last of our outdoor rituals for the year concluded, we now prepare for the winter, for indoor rituals, and for the blessings of Danu as the snow and the quiet fall upon the land.

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


(Pictures can be found at: )


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