Beltaine Ritual Summary

Beltaine Ritual
May 3rd, 2015
Deities of the Occasion: Aren
Offerings: whiskey / fire jumping
Omen: Kenaz – Laguz – Dagaz
Return flow: bubbles / sparkling fruit juice
Attendees: 21


Just four of us at Fire Watch, I’m sad to say. It was beautiful weather to be outside for the night! My thanks to Deanna and Elijah for staying the night and keeping the fire going.

Nobody came to the dawn rite (big surprise) so I think we need to come up with something at a different time of day that people might actually attend. People keep telling me that tbhis is an important tradition that they want to see continue, but then nobody actually wants to do it, and now that I have no feet I’m just not able to do it by myself, whether we’re okay with that or not.

On Sunday afternoon, Rodney has the nemeton set up early so he could keep watch over the road sign so the neighbors wouldn’t steal it again. Getting the Maypole ribbons onto the maple tree took a while, so we did start late, but once we got started, everything went well enough. Devi, the young daughter of Yanna, ended up being the May Queen, and led our procession to the nemeton, and also leapt over the fire as part of the main sacrifice, and also ended up tied to the tree during the Maypole Dance. We passed around a bottle of Crown Royal (which I’m told is whiskey, but I know nothing about liquor) for the individual praise, and poured that on the fire before she jumped. The omen was good (Kenaz – Laguz – Dagaz) and we blew bubbles, shared sparkling cider and jumped the fire. (I just sort of waved each prosthetic over it.) As always, folks stayed and socialized for a while after, and nemeton clean-up went smoothly.

Our next ritual will be the first one led by Serena, I hope everyone has a chance to attend!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF