Spring Equinox Ritual Summary

Spring Equinox Ritual
March 22nd, 2015
Deities of the Occasion: Ana
Offerings: colored eggs
Omen: Tiwaz – Fehu – Raido
Return flow: water / blessing of seeds and tools
Attendees: 8


A more sparsely attended ritual than I’d have hoped for, given what a big deal this holiday is in our Grove practice. The weather was sunny but cold (I don’t think it ever got above 39 degrees F), which always makes me wonder whether people aren’t coming because they want the ritual to be outdoors, or that people think the ritual is outdoors but think we’re doing it outside in the cold. Obviously I’d love to have access to a site with both indoor and outdoor options available and be able to choose on the day of the rite, but until that happens I’d rather err on the side of “no dealing with snow” and settle for fewer folks.

At least one of my preferences for a good ritual happened early, as my ride got me there at 1:50, early than I’ve been able to get there lately, and also unusually early by the recent standards of the $3-taxi-for-cripples I rely on these days. Since the Friends were still cleaning up after their event in the basement, getting there any earlier wouldn’t have been an advantage.

Rodney arrived shortly after that and setting up the ritual space was done in plenty of time. One advantage of the indoor site is that I can move easily around the ritual space in my wheelchair, much more so than at the nemeton, even when the ground is dry, so setting up my own altar items was easy enough.

The ritual itself went very well. We found all of the colored eggs that Serena hid, so no nasty sulfurous surprises lurking in the bushes for anyone to find later. I told the Story of Ana (we considered having done as a group story, but I was concerned that not everyone would be comfortable telling a story when unprepared, plus we already did something like that at Imbolc), and we sang Ana’s song and offered the basket of eggs as the main sacrifice. The omen was good, so we blessed and drank water (tap water in Ann Arbor comes from the Huron, so why not?) and blessed seed packets and the tools we’d brought. All in all, a very enjoyable rite with decent energy, and I’m sorry more people weren’t there to experience it.

The potluck food was quite good, and the raffle was more popular than I’d have expected with such a small turnout. Cleanup was done pretty quickly and we were on our way home by 5.

The one different thin we tried for the ritual was actually before the ritual, with our posting of suggested meditation topics for Danu, Bel, and Ana for the three days before the actual rite. The online response from non-members was overwhelming (by our standards) and positive, though I’m not sure how many of our members actually used them. Hopefully I’ll be hearing stories from them about how well it went, and also stories from members of other Groves who are inspired to work with their own River Mothers!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF