Wellspring Thoughts

(I posted this on FB and G+ earlier, then thought, wait, why am I not posting this on the Grove blog?  So here it is.)

A few random thoughts on Wellspring:

* My thanks to Rob Steiner for getting me to and from Brushwood. With no car I can drive for the time being, my festival (and anything else) attendance will be limited to those I can convince people to drive me to. It would have been very very sad to sit at home all weekend with all the money and time off from work I needed, but still not be there.

* Getting myself around was easier than I’d expected. I was willing to beg people to push me to the events I wanted to attend, but that turned out not to be needed. The down side is that my right prosthetic started bending out of shape on Saturday night, almost certainly from overuse during the previous three days, but these things weren’t supposed to last me past the end of June anyway. My orthoticist appointment is tomorrow, so I’ll know then when I’ll be able to get new ones. In the meantime, I’ll have to do as little walking as possible. (Which, in a wheelchair in a handicapped-accessible apartment, means very little walking.)

* I did manage to get to every workshop and ritual I wanted to attend (though closing ritual was a close call thanks to the bent leg), but I couldn’t socialize as much as I’d have liked (and how often do I say that?) because I couldn’t just wander the site as most folks do. I never did make it to the roundhouse or to anyone’s camp site. Which also meant I barely got any face time with people I knew perfectly well were there. Something to aim to improve upon next year.

* Speaking of next year, my reg fee and someone else’s are already paid for! I won a two-person pass for next year at the raffle, along with a book by Skip, and a flying lantern, and a framed photograph. Definitely worth the $20 I paid for tickets!

* A Roman rite that uses the utterly Irish phrase “not hard” to begin an answer? Really?

* The White Owls definitely need to have a ritual to install a Hellenic altar of some sort in the nemeton next year.

* I’ll probably be saying this for every Wellspring I ever attend in the future, so here it is for this year: Damn there were a lot more people there than there were when I first started attending in 1997.

* No wifi signal in the cabin where I stayed, but the games I downloaded from my Steam account kept me amused anough during downtime.

* The Order of the Dead is doing some amazing work, and I’m seriously considering joining.

* I went to four rituals and had no ritual roles. I feel like such a slacker.

* It was good to meet my current DP mentee Tom in person. (Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure he’s the first DP student I’ve been assigned that I’ve ever met in person.)

* Also awesome was going into Findlay Lake and eating hot wings with Michael. I can’t remember the last time I had alone time with an ADF member who wasn’t in my Grove. I miss that.

* Sitting by the pond listening to the peepers was as wonderful as ever.

* Everyone was amazingly helpful in terms of getting me places, and the Stone Creed folks made sure I had everything I needed throughout the weekend. The people in cars who thanked me for moving out of their way was a little silly, though. What, you think I want to get run over?

* Anything else? Oh, right, I got an award at the annual meeting for exemplifying the virtue of perseverance. The photo will be shared as soon as I have access to it. No, I had no idea it was coming. Really, though, sometimes perseverance is just being too stupid to know when to quit. >8)


* I’m glad I got to see as many folks as I did see!

 * Additional thought I forgot earlier: Based on conversations I had there, I really do need to be more in-your-face about promoting local river mother workings as an alternative to working with a planetary Earth Mother. There’s definite interest out there, I just don’t get to see it online. Time to make attempt number three at finishing my “why I hate the EM” article?