Imbolc Summary

Imbolc 2014

January 26th (so as not to conflict with Super Bowl Sunday, or the even more widely celebrated Groundhog Day)

Deity of the Occasion: Bríd

Offerings: group singing / silver into the well

Omen: Hagalaz / Ansuz / Mannaz (gods and humans working together to overcome adversity)

Return flow: apple slices / passing the flame

Attendance: 11



Honoring Bríd as a goddess of inspiration instead of our earlier focus on her hearth/community aspects seems to be working well.

Good turnout given the snowfall and bad road conditions.  I know that at least seven more people wanted to be there but couldn’t.  If ADF allowed its Groves to skip one High Day per year and have the Grove members just celebrate at home, I’m betting most Groves would choose this one.

Wheelchair accessibility made this ritual a lot easier on me than Yule was.  Hopefully by the time we’re outside again I’ll be good enough with my new legs that we won’t need to do the “carry Rob and his wheelchair down the path” thing again.

I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t get a seven day candle to place in the well bowl for a combined well/fire altar.  Maybe next year.

No flubs, major or minor, during the ritual.  How’d we manage that?


Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF