Lughnasadh Stats

SLG’s Lughnasadh Ritual
August 4th, 2013
Number of attendees: seven
Deities of the Occasion: Lugh and Ana
Omen: Sowilo / Berkano / Gebo

Obviously I’m disappointed in such a low turnout for the High Day that honors our Grove’s patron deity, but I can take away at least one good thing about it.  We had two new folks attend, and they found out about us from our listing in the Ann Arbor Observer’s calendar section, pretty much the only non-Internet place where new people find out about our events these days.  If we had tried to change the date of our Lughnasadh after, say, the beginning of July, then it would have been too late for us to tell the Observer to remove the listing.  And I could have done all of the online “we’ve changed the date” updates to every one of our online calendar listings, and those guys would never have seen a one of them.  And they would have shown up on the 4th, and nobody would have been there, and they would have gone home convinced that we were just another flaky pagan group that can’t deliver on its promises.  However badly I think our ritual turned out with so few people and so little “juice” involved, we at least brought honor to ourselves and to our gods by keeping the promise we made to serve the Ann Arbor community.

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes grove, ADF