A Mediterranean Spinach Salad With Snackers And A Donation On The Side

Back in August, I was contacted by the manager of the local – well, one of the local – Olga’s Kitchen to see if we were interested in one of their promotional opportunities.  And honestly, I probably would have blown it off if Rod and Gen hadn’t sounded so excited about it when I mentioned it at the business meeting.  On one pre-assigned day, for anyone who bought anything at the Olga’s at Plymouth Crossing and gave them the flyer with our name of it, 15% of the bill would be donated to SLG.  (20% in August, presumably because it’s a slow month for them.)

So we agreed to do it that month, but the date when we were going to be at Plymouth Crossing for Coffee Hour anyway was already taken, so we got stuck with a different date and had all of five people show up all day.  Granted, there was no cost to us (other than the effort we put into publicizing it), and they did send us thirteen dollars for it, and thirteen bucks is thirteen bucks, but I e-mailed the manager our schedule for Coffee Hour and said that we would happily do it again on any of those dates, but if those dates were already taken by another group then we would pass.

Happily, we’ve managed to get our chosen dates for every month since September, and our attendance has gone up.  I’ve suggested that folks get there between 6:30 and 7 so we can go directly to Sweetwaters for Coffee Hour when it starts at 8, but folks can show up at any time on the date and it will count, as long as they have a copy of the magic flyer at: http://shininglakes.org/olgas.pdf

You can always check our schedule for upcoming fundraisers (and other events) at either http://shininglakes.org/schedule.html or http://shininglakes.org/googlecal.html.

And remember, we’re always interested in any new fundraising ideas that folks may have.  Running a Grove, and renting spaces and buying supplies for our rituals, does cost money, and our membership dues and our ritual raffle proceeds often aren’t enough to cover those expenses.  So if you have a sound and sensible idea for a fundraiser, let Rodney (our Treasurer) know.  If you have a ridiculous idea for a fundraiser, tell me instead, ‘cause I love those!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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