The Post-Halloween, On-Wiccan-Samhain, Pre-Our-Samhain Wrap-Up

Halloween is done, bringing an end to scary TV shows, and soon election season will be done as well, bringing an end to scary TV commercials. Now it’s time to focus on getting ready for our Samhain weekend! I still want to do a rewrite of the script for the afternoon rite, our only actual scripted rite at SLG, since we haven’t changed it for about ten years now. And I still need to put together the Friday evening rite to Demeter – I guess we have a topic for An Bruane tomorrow!

My big concern for the weekend is, as usual, the weather. Current forecast is for snow (!!!) on Thursday night, but slightly warmer Friday and Saturday, and no precipitation then. Not the incredibly balmy weekend (by November standards) we had last year, but not our coldest either, and I’ll take clear and cold over wet and nearly as cold for any of our outdoor rites.

In other news, we finally got confirmation on our suite at ConVocation! We’re getting the suite they used for Hospitality last year. The good part is, it’s a full suite with actual furniture and stuff, not the former military recruitment suite we had last time. The bad part is, we’re probably going to get lots of people coming in who think it’s still the convention’s suite, come in, eat our food, and leave. Ah well. We need $300 by the end of this month and another $725 by January 24th to keep the reservation, but it does include two bedrooms, so anyone who doesn’t have a hotel room and donates $275 gets one of ‘em.

And the bestest news of all, at least for me personally: my desktop computer is back! Once I get this entry done, I’ll set it up and start getting things reinstalled. In addition to finally getting my hands back on a keyboard big enough for my hands to actually use, I’ll be able to get updates to the Grove’s Web site done again. Yay!

I hope to see everyone at the ritual site sometime this weekend!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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