Long List Time!

(Warning: Content may be very boring to non-ADF folks, and only slightly more interesting to anyone else!)

So at the Clergy Retreat last weekend, at one point when we were discussing what kind of devotional practice we’d expect our clergy to do, we all took turns saying what we did now, including both our ritual/spiritual work and the more administrative/functional things we did for ADF. I only had four things to say, and since one of those was “I’m clergy” it was a little redundant to mention it at the Clergy Retreat. >8) But between that and working on a CTP course about ADF’s structure, I remembered just how many different things I’d done for the org in the last fourteen years. Italicized items are the ones I still do, and I’ll try to keep it brief, starting with SLG offices ands going roughly chronologically:

SLG Outreach Coordinator – A whole three months after I joined in 1996, they put me in charge of getting us and our events listed anyplace I could get us listed for free. I did this for about a year. (This is now called the Public Relations Coordinator.)

SLG Assistant Senior Druid – Fox called me one night in December of 1996 and said he wanted to appoint someone to help him run the Grove. I naturally assumed he meant Johnna, since this was before we found out what her husband had been up to. No, amazingly, he meant me! I did this for not quite three years.

SLG Pursewarden/Registrar – The first office I was actually elected to, making me responsible for collecting membership dues and other funds and keeping the list of members. Thankfully I’d just taken a course in using MS Access and could actually write queries and such for our database. I served the full two years of my term, 1997 to 1999.

SLG Healers’ Guild Chief – Back when our local Guild scene was thriving, I was in charge of the Healers for a few years. I even achieved Journeyman status in herbalism under our teeny-tiny local Healers’ study program, which I now realize is more than the ADF Healers have managed to put together yet.

SLG Senior Druid – Elected in 1999 and three times since. Now that Earrach is no longer Senior Druid of Sassafras Grove, will I be able to surpass his record-setting sixteen years as SD? And would I want to? (Would anyone?)

Member and Chair of the ADF Grove Organizing Committee – The folks who help new Protogroves get started up and become Groves. Only current and former Senior Druids can hold voting positions on this committee, but I joined a year before I became SD as a non-voting member, because I really wanted to help new groups get going. After becoming a voting member when I became SLG SD, I chaired the committee from 2000 to 2003 or thereabouts, stepping down to focus on my clergy work. I’m still a member of the committee, though, and do still mentor Protogroves once in a while.

ADF Office Manager – Yep, I’m one of those hapless non-paid OMs who was either much better than the other hapless OMs, or worse, depending on who you ask. I quickly learned the secret to being seen as a good OM was responding to e-mail complaints quickly, even if I couldn’t do anything about it for a week or two. People like to feel like someone’s doing something about their issue, and e-mail is an amazing way to make them think that. >8) I did this for a year, stepping down when I was elected SD.

ADF Warriors’ Guild Chief – Me, a Warrior? With no military experience? I did study and practice aspects of warrior spirituality, though, and managed to get onto the Council of Honor and then to Guild Chief for a few years.

ADF Guildmaster – The office that only existed for about three months in 1999. The Mother Grove decided that having a representative for all the ADF Guilds on the board would be a good idea, and then I won the election (being Warriors’ Guild Chief at the time), then they decided it wasn’t a good idea after all and got rid of the office entirely. And thus passed my two months on the Mother Grove, at least until…

ADF Great Lakes Regional Druid – I was elected in 2001 and served the full two years of my term. I had such lovely plans to travel around the region and visit the Groves and Solitaries there, but being laid off from my computer programming job killed that dream toot sweet. This was back when the regions were divided by watershed boundaries rather than geopolitical ones, which I thought was a wonderful idea for a pagan group, but just about everyone else found too confusing. I probably wouldn’t have wanted a second term anyway, but when it became official that we were no longer using watersheds, I knew I would never want to be a Regional Druid/Director again, and I’ve turned down a few nominations since then.

Registrar of the ADF Magicians’ Guild and the ADF Healers’ Guild – Not much more to this than maintaining the membership rosters of the two Guild from roughly 1999 to 2009. The new database functions on the ADF Web server that would have made this much easier were introduced shortly after I finally managed to get someone else to take the offices. Feh.

Member of the ADF Clergy Council – I was consecrated – no, wait, we’re calling it “ordained” now – at our Grove’s Imbolc rite in 2002, when Fox showed up and performed it during the rite without even mentioning it to me beforehand. Skip, as ArchDruid, did a more formal version at our Lughnasadh festival (the last one we did at Emrich) later that year. And somehow I’ve managed to get the work done to maintain my credentials every year since.

Basileus(Chief) of the Hellenic Kin – After the guy who founded the Kin left ADF, I took over, in part just because the bylaws he’d written specified that the Basileus had to be a member of the clergy if at all possible. I did this from 2004 to 2007 or so, but with no money to travel to festivals during that time, I couldn’t do much more with it than try to keep the e-mail list active.

Archivist of the ADF Liturgists’ Guild – Elected not quite a year ago, I’m responsible for archiving things on the Guild’s section of the ADF Web site, which I will totally get back to doing as soon as my desktop system is working again. Whenever that is. Gods I hate all laptop keyboards.

And I think that’s it. Have I really been here that long? Did I really used to do all those things at once before I was a Senior Druid and a Priest? Ah, but ADF was a smaller organization back then, and now there are actually other people to do things and I can focus on being a Priest. Now all I need to do is get someone trained to be the next Senior Druid of SLG…

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


One thought on “Long List Time!

  1. (Comments from the original post on our old site:)

    Posted by Sean:
    I had no idea you had served in this many different roles. Because you were the Senior Druid when we joined, I forget that you had to start somewhere :)
    I want to thank you for all that you have done and still do!!!!
    Monday, October 25th 2010 @ 9:28 PM

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