Tredara And Back Again, Again

Ah, yet another “day late” post, although I was expecting it this time. After the weekend’s activities in Ohio, I stopped by the world’s biggest corn maze in Dundee on the way home. (Odd how I seem to be spending my days off walking only slightly less than I do at work!)

I spent the weekend at Tredara for the ADF Clergy Council Retreat, the second one I’ve been able to attend, and being car-capable I got there in about half the time of the bus ride from last year. I got there early enough for the opening rite this time, so of course it started an hour or so late. >8) After that there ws some socializing before I went to bed, or maybe I should say went to table, in A.J.’s camper. Yep, that’s the problem with having twenty-one people (the largest gathering of ADF Clergy ever, I think) show up for the retreat: limited space. Last year I ended up getting the camper to myself, this time both beds were taken and I ended up on the padded table in between. One of those rare times I like being shorter than most folks!

Saturday morning brought discussions of Michael’s proposed changes to the CTP, and of the terms we use for our First, Second, and Third Circle Priests, which we had all sorted out by… 2:30? We didn’t get that much finalized all weekend last year. Were we all in a agreeable mood this time around? Hard to say.  It did give us extra time for photo-taking, which we needed after everyone’s camera batteries seemed to stop working. (Aha, maybe there really was some weird energy bouncing around!) I’m not sure if these will be visible to everyone, but have a look here and here.

Dinner was potluck ( all very good stuff, though I admit I missed having Chinese food like we did last year) and then we went out to the big nemeton in the back for our evening ritual, which was amazing. I can’t say much about it because it’s one of the few secret-ish things we Clergyfolk have, but if you remember my comparisons of all-Clergy ritual to an all-star game from earlier posts, and then imagine the most Clergy ever in one place doing it, well there you go.

I went to bed early Saturday night, blast this early work schedule making 11 PM late for me, and was occasionally woken up by the voices of Ian and others on the back porch talking until around 4 AM. I still think I shoulda just gotten up and gone there, even if I was too tired to talk, the listening would have been worth it!

On Sunday morning (and how old am I that I can’t believe people were up before 9 after all of that?), we discussed a few more issue before everyone headed home. Again, making the trip in half the time was nice, much as I love the idea of mass transit.

So, yep, it was a wonderful weekend and a great chance to see everyone again, and I’m already eager for Wellspring to get here!

Next week: After one of our discussion points from the retreat, I’ve decided to up a list of every different office I’ve held with SLG and ADF since I joined in 1996. Will I overload the server? Can I even remember them all? Will anyone believe that there was ever such a thing as “the ADF Guildmaster”? Check in and find out!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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