One Pilgrimage Plus Three-Quarters Of A Walk

Alas, another late entry, maybe I should just cheat and say that all entries between Fall Equinox and Samhain will be on Mondays from now on?

Not that I don’t have a decent excuse this time, after the day I had yesterday. In the early afternoon, I took part in Crop Walk, the fundraiser that Jen suggested we get involved with. Sadly, i was both the only one from SLG to show up for the walk and the only one to donate any money. Not that I should be too surprised, with as little money as we’ve been getting from our own fundraising for the last several years. But having some other folks to walk with me would have been nice, especially since they probably could have talked me out of doing the 6 mile course instead of the 1 mile course. Yesterday saw a new record high temperature in Ann Arbor, which didn’t exactly help with the walking, but even then I think I could have finished the longer course (I do more walking than that during an average day at work) except that I needed to be somewhere at 5 PM, and 4 found me two miles short of the finish line and needing a rest break. So I called Rodney, who was nice enough to come pick me up and take me back to the start/finish line, and as I waited there, I looked over the map they’d given us, and found the phone number for us to call if we needed to be picked up and driven back. Oops! Rodney dropped me off at Seventh St. and I walked the last half mile, so I at least managed to walk 75% of the long course.

The pre-walk events and post-walk meal (which I ate quickly before dashing off) were at Zion Lutheran Church, and I experienced my usual sense of “steeple envy”, between an impressive building and a large congregation and 150 years of effort. They actually had photos of every confirmation class or whatever the Protestants call them) from 1860 to 2005 on display there. Will SLG live to be that old? Obviously I won’t be around to find out – not in this lifetime, anyway – but it’s something I often wonder.

I did manage to get to Rod and Liz’s house just after 5, Noal was there and Gen arrived a bit later, and together we made our pilgrimage to the Manannan Shrine. It’s amazing how much easier it is to find when the sun’s still up! The changing colors of the leaves on the trees were visible all around the lake, which was amazing. Our bell is still hanging from one of the trees, but we need to bring another Grove necklace next time, we can’t find any trace of it. I had meant to collect some water for use at our Samhain ritual, but forgot to ring a bottle. (Given that we’ve been talking about putting more of an emphasis on the Ancestors this year, that may actually work out for the best.) After we returned to Ann Arbor, we went to Evergreen for dinner before heading home, maybe Chinese food should become part of the shrine pilgrimage tradition?

Next week, I’ll be at the ADF Clergy Council Retreat, so look for another day-late entry then. >8)

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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