Bits and Bobs

Many small things to note this week:

The (hopefully only for a few months) move to my mother’s home in South Lyon is done. Sadly I won’t be able to host any Grove events here, but the high-speed Internet connection should make things easier for me to do things online – once I get my desktop to work, which it seems reluctant to do right now. I’m stuck on the laptop until it’s working again, which means updating the Grove’s Web site will be difficult, and expect many typoes from me as long as I’m using this doll-sized keyboard. (And yes, I spell it typoes, “typos” looks too much like a Greek noun for me to be comfortable using it.)

Sadly, the move meant I couldn’t even consider traveling to Columbus for the Summerland Festival, but I did light a candle and do a few prayers for Isaac at 9 PM on Sunday when they were beginning his memorial service there. I even sang the song about him that I won’t sing in public, or private now that IU think of it. I hope he enjoyed it!

While I was moving until late Friday night, I still would have been able to do my workshop at Detroit’s Pagan Pride Day on Saturday – if it hadn’t been postponed to September because the park was overbooked or some such. Given how bad the weather was on Saturday, maybe it’s better that it wasn’t this weekend, but now that it’s been moved to the same day as our Fall Equinox rite, that ends any chance of my being involved with them this year. Feh.

Speaking of Paganish events in Oakland County, I think ConVocation’s class deadline is next week. Any suggestions on what I should submit for myself or the Grove?

And next Sunday is our group outing to the Renaissance Festival! Now that I’m living much further north than Ann Arbor, I’ll likely be driving myself there, so either meet me at the entrance during the opening ceremony, or call me on the cell (734-277-1897) so we can meet there.

The air is actually getting noticeable cooler as I do my routes during the week, dare I hope that fall is nearly here, and people will start coming to Grove events again, and I can actually spend more than thirty minutes outside in the afternoon without feeling like I’m about to burn to death? Let’s hope!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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