On Wells And Springs and Gardens

A few odds and ends, as a counterpoint to the novel that was last week’s entry:

It’s official, I went ahead and paid for my Wellspring registration, so now I either have to go or I’m out thirty dollars! I’ll likely be renting a car for the weekend and heading out Friday morning, to make sure I’m there in time for Kirk’s installation as ArchDruid. I’ll stay in the same hotel I went to last time, since I still hate camping and this time I won’t even have access to camping equipment. Actually, it’ll be nice to get away from the site for a while, not only to avoid festival overload but to visit French Creek and that cute ladybug-themed cafe that we went to last time. So now all I have to do is remember what I need to pack after not having been there for eight years, and get my class notes ready if my proposal is accepted. I hope to see/meet some of you there!

Once again, nobody has signed up for my Modern Druidry class with one week to go. So will there be nobody signing up at all like last year, or everyone calling me on Sunday morning like two years ago? (Maybe I should make it free if you -re-register and charge if you don’t? Nah, then I’d just get nobody.) Since I have a car this year, I’ll probably just plan on going to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday regardless, it’ll be nice to visit again. Granted, hiking the various trails doesn’t have as much appeal now that I’m walking eight to twelve miles every day at work, but touring the greenhouse will still be enjoyable.

Rev. Michael Dangler just completed the Third Circle of the ADF Clergy Training Program (congratulations!), and now takes on an even more daunting task: analyzing the CTP and proposing a possible restructuring of it. Since I’m already enrolled and have finished the First Circle, I would likely be grandfathered into finishing the current version of the CTP even if the changes are made, but I must say his proposals look good enough that I’d consider going back and doing the new First Circle anyway. Certainly the option of focusing on the practical of running a Grove has a big appeal to me. You can read his thoughts on his LiveJournal account.

And I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day! It’s not too late to call if you forgot!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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