Wednesday Night’s All Right For Writing Rites

A much less eventful weekend this time than last, but that’s the nature of putting on public High Day rituals, eh? The weather here yesterday would have been lovely for an outdoor rite, today’s weather not so much. But I did go out into the wooded area behind the house to find a suitable branch for my “Easter Tree” this year. Really I should have had it set up before the official date of the equinox last Saturday, but this whole full-time job thing has definitely thrown my schedule off…

Oh, yes, I have a full-time job now. I hesitate to mention it because I consider this a Grove blog more than a personal one, but ultimately having a much bigger income from my “real job” will free me up to do more for the Grove and for my clergy studies, and will get me a car on the road again, which in turn will let me actually attend events that aren’t on an Ann Arbor bus line. Now I can find out what all of the metro Detroit pagans are up to, and maybe even get to Wellspring this year! I’m now a full-time meter reader with Accu-Read, wandering through people’s yards and reading electric and gas meters. They say it’s the worst job in the world if you hate numbers or dogs, so I think I should have no problems. >8)

The only Grove event we have for the next week – for the next two weeks, now that I look at the calendar – is our An Bruane session on Wednesday. We’ll be going over our ritual plans for the Fire Blessing Rite we’ll be performing at Michigan Mayfest in a month. They need the order of service by Thursday if we want it in the program book, so that works out. Since we knew another group was doing a Maypole dance ritual, I thought it would be good to go with something more traditionally Celtic, and I know that Beltinne (literally “Bel’s fire”) was a time when livestock and/or people were blessed by fire. Sadly, I don’t have a whole lot of Celtocentric research materials here at home, so seeking any further info on what the ancients did may be difficult. (Why oh why didn’t I say we’d be doing a Greek ritual instead? That I could research at home!) So I’ll get a basic outline put together, do what research I can, and we’ll talk it out on Wednesday and see what inspiration tells us. No, An Bruane isn’t always an exciting meeting, but it’s usually an important one, and I definitely want this to be a good ritual, since it will be the first ADF-style ritual that most of these folks will have seen.

Next week’s topic… I have no clue yet. Maybe a follow-up to my one a few weeks ago on the role of Pagan clergy, since I did address why I thought it was a good idea, but didn’t address why others think it’s a bad idea. And I know how much my five readers love trudging through a rebuttal!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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