On Fighting the Right Fights

Between Valentine’s Day and getting ready for ConVocation next weekend, this definitely won’t be a long entry, but I did want to state a point on one particular topic.

Once again stealing, er, being inspired by something from Jason Pitzl-Waters’ Wild Hunt Blog, I wanted to comment on the “desecration” of the newly created worship area for Pagans at the Air Force Academy. I understand how much that sucks for the young men and women who are actually there at the Academy (I know how freaked out I would have been if something like this happened to me at that age, Hek, even now I’d be a little rattled by it), and I hope that they will work with patience and determination to address this incident and continue with their rituals and other practices there.

That said, though, I hope that we Neo-Pagans in general can distinguish between “systemic acts of oppression carried out by those in power” and “things that a couple of drunk and/or stupid teenagers can accomplish by themselves at three in the morning”. Really, is leaving a cross there the worst thing that could have happened? Even a spray painted cross would have been harder to clean up. And more importantly, the officials at the Academy (the same ones who set up the space per their students’ requests in the first place) have condemned the act. Is crying foul on this act of cowardice really the best use of our energy? Will it change the culprits’ minds, or stop them from doing it again?

For those who think that it really is worth it (and I know there are plenty of ya out there, and I respect your opinion even if I disagree with it.), I hope that you’ll devote at least as much of your time and energy (and possibly money as well) to support Patrick McCollum’s lawsuit to allow prisoners in California to take part in “second tier” religions. The Lady Liberty League has some suggestions on their Web site. Or just take time out to write to the Colorado state senator who seems to think that oppressing Christians is wrong, but Christians oppressing other religions is cool. Even he has more of a potential to hurt us that the USAFA vandals do.

Next week, I’ll keep a log throughout the convention and post it here on Sunday night. If you’re there, please stop by our Grove’s suite (room 128, so they tell me), and if you can’t be there, feel free to follow my posts from the convention on Twitter or Facebook!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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