What Do You Mean, It Doesn’t Have To Be Lynx-Compatible Any More?

Ah, what a beautiful January day it was here today, it actually got above freezing for a little while in the afternoon, and I think I saw a blue patch between the clouds! Spring is probably no more than three months away! Yay!

This past week, I continued the long, arduous project of restructuring our Grove’s Web site. Paul came up with a good CSS design for the pages, and now I’m going to implement it on all the files on the site so that it will only look five years out of date instead of twelve years out of date. First on the list has been going through all of the files to see what I want to keep and what needs to go. I was actually surprised how few of the files I’ve marked for deletion: the “guided tour of SLG” pages which I thought I’d killed in our last revamp seven years ago, and a few others. I’ll also need to update our FAQ list pages, while most of them are still accurate, a few need more current information, and I’m sure people will feel more confident in their accuracy if the “last updated” date is a little more recent.

Most of the reworking will be a question of merging some of the files – notably the song parodies I’ve written which are scattered all over the place – and probably adding subdirectories for the bigger file groups, like rituals and publications. Not that most of the site’s readers will notice it, but having four hundred files in one directory is just harder to work through on my end. Ah, for the simpler days of 1997 when we had more like fifty files!

Once that’s done, I’ll get the CSS stuff into all of the files, which will require a fair amount of testing because I’ve never worked with style sheets before. But hey, it’ll be a learning experience, right?

And once that’s done, then it’s done. I’d like to see us move our mailing lists to the new server at some point, and Paul is hoping to get an online membership database working, but first things first. The overhaul is long overdue, and hopefully will make us look a little better in the virtual eyes of the online pagan community.

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

PS – For a preview of what the new site will look like, visit: http://www.shininglakes.org/index2.php


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