Wednesday Night’s All Right For, Um, Stuff

The three-week gap in the Grove’s calendar of events draws to a close this week, and with it come our first Wednesday night meetings in, wow, I’m not even sure. I think our old Bardic Liturgist meetings at Marae’s house were on Wednesdays, but I’m not completely certain of that. A long time, anyway. We moved all of our Tuesday night meetings to Wednesdays because Rod and Jude had some scheduling issues with Tuesdays for the first part of the year, and not (as I know you all suspect) because Lost is on Tuesdays this year and Gen and I would have to miss every meeting as a result. When April rolls around we may move the meetings back to Tuesday, or not, we’ll see how it goes.

Scheduling Grove events is a tricky business. Now that we’re only printing our newsletter four times a year, we need to have three months of events scheduled for each one. We can add events after the newsletter is published, but then the attendance is likely to be lower because the folks who rely on the newsletter simply won’t know about it. Now that we’re not mailing out paper copies of SLN to save money, I’d almost want us to go back to publishing one at every High Day to make our scheduling process more flexible, if I didn’t think the editor would become enraged. Not to mention I’d have to write twice as many articles, and I’m already running low on topics to write about as you can see from this tiny post. >8)

On an unrelated note, the final payment for our suite at this year’s ConVocation is due next weekend, and it looks like we’re about $100 short at the moment. Please feel free to use the PayPal link on our Web site to send in a donation to help guarantee that we get the space, and any extra money we get will go toward food and drinks and other suite-related expenses.

Next week, an update on our Web site’s update.

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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