What’s A Pirate’s Favorite Online Chat Program? Aye – Arrrr – Sea

Many many years ago, around the time I first became Senior Druid of SLG, I was also the moderator for ADF’s weekly IRC chats. It was fun, and I thought I did a decent enough job of running ’em, but eventually I decided that I was spreading myself too thin and that other people could handle running an online chat, as opposed to other things I was doing, like, say, being clergy. I also lost my taste for real-time online chat anyway, and I’m still not sure whether that was a particular personal change of taste or just me getting old. Either way, the chats eventually fell into disuse. The channel was kept open, but without a moderator running a regular session, an IRC channel is about as socially active as a desert oasis. Slightly more active than the desert itself, but not by much!

So I was definitely happy to see the chats reactivated a few months ago. (There are also video chats, but video chat plus me on a dialup connection equals me hearing almost nothing and seeing less.) Sadly, they’re held on Tuesday nights, which almost always conflict with a Grove meeting of some sort, so I’d not been able to stop by. But the “solitary topics” chat is on the third Saturday of the month, and I was free last night, so I joined in. It was good to see the sols using the space to connect with other sols, well and me and the other non-sols who showed up. >8) Being in a Grove for thirteen years makes it all too easy to forget what it’s like not to have people to talk to about pagan things. On the other hand, their comments of “if I was in a Grove it would be easier to motivate myself to work on the Dedicant Path” made me literally laugh out loud. I assure you all, I can’t motivate my Grovemates to do much of anything that they don’t already want to do!

One comment that did surprise me was in response to what sols would want ADF to provide for them: daily devotionals written for non-Celtic hearth cultures. Not that I’m shocked that anyone would want them, I’d just never heard anyone ask before. I guess I figured that anyone who didn’t like the Celtic versions in the Dedicant Path manual would write their own. That’ll definitely give me something to think about writing in the next few months, assuming I have any free time as I work two jobs for the holidays.

If you’re interested in ADF’s video or IRC chats, you can get the current schedule here.

Next week’s topic, um, I don’t know yet. Post-Black Friday musings, perhaps?

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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