Short Late-Night Entry

Short entry this week, as I got home at 1:15 AM from a babysitting gig. Besides, what is there to say beyond “I’m going to be frantically getting ready for Samhain this week and will report on it in next weekend’s entry”?

Well, one thing that’s definitely worth mentioning, my interview with the report from was published yesterday! Well, sort of. I mentioned in last week’s entry that I’d been interviewed by a reporter for an article about what all of the various churches in the area were doing for Halloween, and I hinted at her comment to me that not a lot of people were calling her back besides me. Well, it looks like there really weren’t a whole lot of people calling her back, because the article never materialized on the site. But on Friday I got a call from a different reporter, wanting to interview me in what our Grove does for Samhain. So I did another interview, and that’s the one that became the article you see on their site now. I’m certainly glad that we got to share a bit of what we do with the public, even if no gods actually got mentioned in the article. (And I even spelled “Manannan” for her to make sure she got it right! >8)

Current forecast is for the coming weekend to be a little warmer than this weekend was, but with scattered showers. Here’s hoping that warmth and a newspaper article will still get us a good attendance for our many Samhain activities. (And remember, the preserve is an old-growth forest, the trees will buffer us from most of the wind!)

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


One thought on “Short Late-Night Entry

  1. (Comments from the original post on our old site:)

    Posted by Kristina:
    The article you sent the link for mentions Manannan. :)
    Monday, November 2nd 2009 @ 5:05 PM

    Posted by Rob Henderson:
    Shows how closely I was reading it at 2 AM then! >78)
    Monday, November 2nd 2009 @ 5:58 PM

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