The Bus To Cleveland, And Other Oddities

I have two Clergy Training Program courses with a deadline of Wednesday, so I won’t write anything too huge this week. (Besides which, I imagine at least a few of my five readers are still trying to get to the end of last week’s behemoth!) Actually I’m probably further ahead of schedule than I have been the last few times I’ve had CTP deadlines to deal with, I only need to redo 600 words for Indo-European Language I, and of the two 1500 word articles I need to do for Research and Composition, one is almost completely done (it’s an adaptation of my blog article from a few weeks ago about that awful awful terrible awful Hades episode of “Clash of the Gods”) and I’m just about done with the reading for the other one. So it looks like I’ll be an official First Circle ADF Clergyperson in a matter of days. It’s hard to believe that after working up my official completion plan (with deadlines) last October, that I’ve made every deadline so far (which I was genuinely worried about) and that it’s nearly over!

Speaking of clergy things, it looks like I’ll be attending my first ever Clergy Retreat this coming weekend! They’ve been held at Ian and Sue’s home in the Cleveland area in early October for the last few years, but my work schedule and general poverty and prevented me from attending before. This year, I decided to take the loss of wages and get the days off, and it looks like the Clergy Travel Fund will cover a bus ticket there and back. So my first retreat, my first trip ever on Greyhound, and except for Michael and Jenni, the first time I’ve seen any of my fellow Clergy Council members since 2002. And also the first time in decades that I’ve been out of the state during the Wolverines/Spartans game! Assuming that I’ve recovered from the trip, I’ll report on the experience week.

I’ll also note that I was very happy to see so many people at Coffee Hour this past Friday, and if you have Nancy friended on Facebook, you should definitely check out her profile picture to see what Jude knitted for her while we were there!

Go Blue, and I’ll see you next week!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

PS – If you’re in the area, don’t forget that we’ll be making a trip to the Manannan Shrine on the 6th, and everyone is welcome to attend!


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