Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Oh And Next Weekend Too)

A few various and diverse (but still mostly SLG-related) topics:

Last night – well technically Sunday morning – I did a solitary version of the Genocide Prevention Ritual that Polytheist Charity has been promoting this month. It was okay, but I realized just how out of practice I am when it comes to using scripted ritual text. At Grove rituals we almost never use prepared text, and the few times that we do, it’s just for individual sections of the rite. And for my home rites, either I improvise or I use phrases that I memorized long ago. If I had to do it over again, I’d just read the suggested script and then do my own home rite with a few changes. Still, I’d encourage everyone to consider doing this rite themselves between now and the end of the month. For more info:

This afternoon, we did our annual pre-Beltaine ritual site cleanup. Rod and Liz joined me in the mild drizzle to rake the nemeton and the trails, redig the Well a bit, and make sure that no trees had fallen into the circle during the winter months. Other than the pillar of our Greek altar having fallen down (which took me all of 45 seconds to fix), everything was in good shape. I even found the little wooden turtle that I had put on the Nature Spirits altar at Samhain and didn’t manage to find when we were packing up in the dark. (Memo to self: Next year, if we must clean up before Sunday morning, bring larger flashlights.) It’s lost one leg and the string broke so its head won’t bobble any more, but its inanimate survival instinct still carried it through a Michigan winter. I’ll definitely bring it to the Beltaine ritual, and definitely keep an eye on it this time.

Next week’s Modern Druidry class is a bust so far, with nobody signing up yet. If nobody signs up by Friday night it’ll be canceled. Not a huge loss, I wouldn’t mind a Sunday afternoon to myself. >8) I’m intrigued though that three people have e-mailed me saying they want to attend the class but can’t make it on that particular date. Clearly there’s interest in learning about our Grove’s history and practices, well that or people think it’ll be a class where I teach meditation and spellwork and such. This is the main reason I don’t charge for the class, since it’s more or less a two to three hour infomercial for the Grove, to give people a chance to figure out whether we’re what they’re looking for in a religious/spiritual group. Usually we aren’t, and that’s okay in the grand scheme of things, but there’s no way I’d charge people to find that out. I only ever came up with the Modern Druidry class idea because people kept telling me things like, “I *want* to attend one of your rituals, but since I’ve never learned anything about Druids, I know I wouldn’t understand it.” ADF’s mission is to provide public rituals that anyone can get something out of, so if that statement is true, then I’ve completely failed as an ADF liturgist. Anyone out there who’s reading this, please don’t let a perceived lack of information on your part prevent you from joining us in our celebrations!

I occasionally wonder whether offering a high-price class on something at Crazy Wisdom would be a good way for me or the Grove to get some actual money, but I honestly don’t think I’m skilled enough at the sorts of things that those high priced classes teach. Herbalism? I have some knowledge and experience, but a good book would probably be more a more effective teacher. Divination? I’m okay at it, but not great. Energy work? Bleah, I gave up on that years ago. Liturgical design and ritual performance? Now THAT I’m good at – and the New Agers with the cash to throw around would have little to no interest. Obscure Greek mythological references? Uh, right. Huge market in those. And I also worry that the people who would come to see “a real Druid” teach them would be expecting someone a little more Celtophilic than I. Ah well.

Speaking of things that are free because they haven’t figured out how to make money off of them, don’t forget that I’m on Twitter! Lurking between the tweets about the online pirate game I play and the online, er, mouse game that I play, I do occasionally comment about SLG and ADF and my faith and beliefs and such. Feel free to follow me at: Oh, and I can be followed on Facebook as well: I have a MySpace account too, but I almost never go there any more. Never did, really. E-mail‘s still the best way to reach me anyway. Yes, I’m over the age of 25, I still prefer e-mail. Deal with it, I ain’t getting any younger. >8)

Next week, I’ll probably do a more Beltaine-y article. Unless something comes up. Which it might. Beltaine is wacky like that!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


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