Beware the Ideas of March!

A few random small pieces put together in seemingly random order:

Congratulations to Grove members Sean and Kris Keller on becoming grandparents! I would include full details here but all I have is what they posted on Twitter: Sasha gave birth to Carleigh (6 lb 10 oz) at 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve been using it regularly for a few months now, and enjoying it more than any other IM program I’ve used. I’ve deliberately avoided IM programs for about a decade now, since I always felt like they combined the worst aspects of phone calls and e-mails without the better aspects of either. I already have plenty of distractions getting in my way when I’m online, thanks! But the broadcast nature of Twitter lets me feel like I can ignore it for several minutes (or hours) if I want, and the 140 character limit does get people to focus on what they want to say, in the same way that a proper haiku does. If you want to follow me, I’m at , just be warned that many of my posts are related to the one MMORPG I play, so don’t let the pirate talk throw you. >8)

On another online front, I’ve been thinking about two posts this past week from the Wild Hunt blog about the ARIS survey on the number of members in various religions in this country. I do admit to some interest in how many self-proclaimed Pagans are out there (hey, I’m as prone to “steeple envy” as any clergyperson), but I hope that we are all more concerned about making our religions good and meaningful to our members and our gods, more than we care about our size. I’m certainly glad that Gus diZerega raises the point on his own blog about a lack of teachers hindering our potential growth, though I don’t have any easy suggestions for how we would collectively go about getting them. Getting pagans to give money to such an endeavor would work, but getting money out of pagans is another issue altogether! And with the current and soon-to-come economic problems, the number of people who will have both the motivation and the free time to act as teachers is unlikely to go up. So some sadness.

On a happier note, we won’t have an official date until later this week, but SLG will once again be hosting a monthly Game Night for Grove members and other interested folks to get together and play board games and whatever else folks want to bring. We’ll be doing it on Saturday evenings (dates yet to be determined, check our schedule page or our Google calendar) at the WRAP building (319 Braun Ct., Ann Arbor) and we hope to see lots of people there!

And of course, don’t forget that our Spring Equinox ritual is next Saturday, at the Friends Meeting (1420 Hill St., Ann Arbor) at 2 PM. Bring any tools (ritual, career, or whatever you like) to be blessed, and we’ll do our traditional egg hunt and the story of our river goddess Ana. Rodney will tell the story of how Ana saved the land, and we’ll have some intrepid volunteers acting out the stories as he tells it. If you always wanted to do a ritual role but didn’t feel comfortable talking or memorizing lines, this is your chance! Keep an eye on our announcements list for details.

And if you can’t be there on Saturday, let me wish you a happy first day of spring a little early!

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF


One thought on “Beware the Ideas of March!

  1. (Comments from the original post on our old site:)

    Posted by Sean Keller:
    Thank you very much for the Congratulations! Both Carleigh and her mother, Sasha, are doing fine and probably going to be going home today or tomorrow. It was a very quick labor, only 4 hours, and was a bit of a shock on Sasha’s system. She ended up loosing a bit more blood then normal and needed a transfusion to get her hemoglobin levels back to the normal range. All is good for her now and she no longer has the pale skin, vampire look anymore. Carleigh is 6lbs 10oz and 19 inches long. Lots of picture are posted on my Facebook page. If anyone wants to see them, add me as a friend through the Grove’s page. Add the Grove as a friend while you are there :)
    Monday, March 16th 2009 @ 5:42 AM

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