A New Turn Of Leadership

As the Wheel of the Year turns past Samhain and into a new year, I thought I’d mention our Grove’s Leadership Council, who took office at Samhain after the September/October election which was far more boring than the other elections that were happening in the U.S. at the time. >8)

Senior Druid: Rev. Rob Henderson
Assistant Senior Druid: Rodney Cox
Administrator: Jude Howison
Scribe: Jude Howison
Pursewarden/Registrar: Rodney Cox
Chronicler: Genevieve Stoyak
Public Relations Coordinator: Charles Howison
Youth Activities Coordinator: Sean Keller

(The Asst. SD position is appointed by the Senior Druid, for those wondering why you never saw it on your ballots.)

These are the folks who work “behind the scenes” – or maybe more accurately, “in front of the scenes that nobody else shows up for” – to make sure that the Grove continues to function, from making sure the rituals get run to make sure we have some money in the bank to making sure our quarterly reports get filed with ADF so the IRS doesn’t get annoyed with us. This week, we’ll be setting our tentative calendar for the next year. Not spiritual, maybe, but definitely necessary to allow the rest of the spiritual stuff to flow.

Most of us have been in these positions for a while now. Sean is the exception, this is his first time on the Leadership Council and we’re all looking forward to seeing what he’ll do with the YAC position. The Youth Activities Coordinator has always had a chicken-and-egg problem: people are less likely to bring their children to a ritual that doesn’t have some kind of children’s activities; but then any attempt to do children’s activities will have no participation because nobody’s bringing their kids. I’m sure that Sean will stick it out and keep the activities coming in the hopes that “if you build it, they will come”, and I know that everyone in our Grove will offer him whatever support he needs.

I won’t plead with people to attend our business meetings, ’cause I know it barely works when I ask people to attend our fun meetings, and business meetings are certainly the least fun meetings that we have. Well, with me and Jude in attendance, there’s bound to be some amount of joking, but there’s only so much we can do with source material like calendars and financial reports. But keep us in your thoughts (and in your prayers? nah it’s not that bad) and maybe write an article or something for the newsletter.

Rev. Rob Henderson
Senior Druid, Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

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SLG’s Bylaws, for those who dare to read more about what our officers do: http://shininglakes.bravehost.com/bylaws.html

P.S. – Longtime ADF member and ArchDruid Emeritus Ian Corrigan is giving blogging a try! Check it out at: http://intothemound.blogspot.com/


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